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I am so grateful to have Scott Zahler as an Attorney. He has assisted me three times with cases

The first time Scott represented me was for a Medical Malpractice case in 2003 with a Major Hospital in the Atlanta area. Scott held them accountable for their negligence and we ended with a sizable settlement. That is why when I had an issue in my neighborhood regarding a wastewater plant in 2009 which negligently released toxic chemicals, I immediately reached out to Scott again. He was able to see the scope of the issue was much larger than I ever expected and that it would involve not just my concerns but an entire community. This case turned into a very large Class Action lawsuit with hundreds of class members. He was lead attorney and fought fiercely, relentlessly and tenaciously against the two biggest insurance defense firms in Atlanta and was able win a multi-million-dollar settlement for me, my family and hundreds of people in my community.

Most recently, I took my car in for a simple oil change and the car was returned to me in total engine failure. I immediately reached out to Scott. My husband and I tried to resolve the matter on our own for weeks with the dealership when Scott said a profound sentence to me “Let me handle it, a letter from a Lawyer will go a long way.” Those words were so true. Before the letter from Scott the dealership was calling me Latrice and wanted $23K to repair my vehicle, after the letter from Scott. I was back to being Mrs. McLendon and there was no charge. All it took was ONE letter from Scott to resolve the matter, I am amazed but not surprised!!

Thank you Scott, your incredible legal skills as an Attorney and your indomitable passion to achieve justice have truly helped my Family and Community over the 20 years I have known you.
Adam was referred to me by a friend and he did not disappoint. It took several years for my case to be resolved, but he remained in contact with me throughout the process and kept me updated with all the latest information. I would definitely recommend him!
Dedicated service. My case was solved quickly.
These guys are great!
I would highly recommend Adam Taylor to assist you in handling your case as he was very knowledgeable and did not hesitate to answer any questions. He made himself available and was easy to reach . I was very happy with his service and expertise. Thank you Adam for making the process so much easier.
After being turned down by TV Attorneys Morgan and Morgan Iturned to Adam Taylor and I am very pleased with the resules he achieved.
I was involved in a very complicated car wreck. Given that it involved four cars, four collisions with complex legal and factual issues, as well as multiple layers of medical care, Scott Zahler, has gone through tremendous lengths and navigated brilliantly through every challenge we faced. As an incredible legal strategist, he fiercely and tirelessly fought against 9 top defense lawyers and 4 different insurance companies. He relentlessly and tenaciously pounded away and wore them down driving them all to resolution. With unparalleled experience, skills and passion, he achieved phenomenal results for me. As in my case, no one will ever outwork or out prepare him. If you, your family or friends are ever in need of an amazing legal arsenal, I strongly urge that you contact Scott at the law offices of Taylor | Hughes | Zahler.
Best help for my car accident I could’ve asked for!
Adam is so professional lawyer you can’t imagine how his doing his Job almost perfectly.I am so happy cos of I am his customer. what a wonderful you are men!!!
Thank you! Your firm made a very difficult sutation mych easier. Always availbale and always explaned things to us so non-lawyers could understand!
Trusted Representation with Results! Adam Taylor is top notch in customer service and in navigation with the insurance world to get the results you deserve. He is honest in his assessments and works for the good over all. Twice, his firm came through for me. And if by odd chance I need a third go, I would not hesitate to call Taylor | Hughes | Zahler. I was very lucky, and I am glad I came through it both times with compensation. It makes a difference!
Adam did a great job with our dog bite case! We were very pleased with the positive outcome of our case and settlement received. I feel as if we were lucky to be able to work with him. While interviewing attorneys to represent us, several of them mentioned that there was no recourse for the attack on our dog since dog’s are considered a piece of property in the state of Georgia. Adam was aware of this law but still had no problem with taking on our case. He was able to come up with numerous creative ways to apply other laws and other settled cases to ensure that our dog received the justice he deserved for being attacked. Adam made us feel as if our dog was certainly much more than a piece of property!

He was very easy to work with and always did a great job of keeping us up to date on the status of our case. He made us feel as if he took a personal interest in our case which made the whole process much less stressful. I felt throughout the entire process that he really had our best interest in hand. We followed his recommendations each time a potential offer was presented and ended up getting a much larger settlement than originally offered. I believe that the settlement we received was more than enough to compensate for the injuries both me and my dog sustained during the attack on us. I would highly recommend Adam for any personal injury case, especially one involving a dog bite
I am very grateful for the help I received from the lawyers Taylor | Hughes | Zahler . Since I first needed their services I was impressed how quickly they took action and the service exceeded my expectations. At any time I need them they are always available to help quickly and with a high level of professionalism.
Been a client with Taylor, Hughes and Zahler for going on 7 years now. Cannot say enough about these guys. Mr. Taylor turned my $25,000 settlement into a seven figure settlement. When it comes to getting the details he is the man for the job. Kim and Frank are a team not to be messed with. By far the most knowledgeable people in the workers comp field I’ve ever met. They’ve been the best help and I am so grateful I hired them. If you want a team that will fight for you tooth and nail this is the group.
Adam Taylor is a very professional and attentive lawyer who is exceptional in the personal injury realm of law. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!
Adam Taylor recently represented me. He was able to answer all of my questions and ensured I knew what was happening through all parts of the process. I felt informed, understood and heard while working with Adam, something I know can be hard to find while working with attorney’s and not understanding the process of litigation. If you’re looking for a law firm that will be responsive, honest, and inclusive I would reach out to Adam and the team at Taylor | Hughes | Zahler.
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