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Medical Malpractice | Medical Malpractice Injury Attorneys

Medical Malpractice | Medical Malpractice Injury Attorneys

When individuals seek medical advice and treatment from a physician or other medical professional, they put their trust in that professional to render proper medical care. When that trust is broken by negligent or preventable negligent conduct, it generally has significant and long lasting consequences. 

No amount of compensation can return the individual to the health and wellbeing they once enjoyed. However, it can offer an individual monetary relief that will ease the financial burdens that always accompany negligent medical care.

The severe, debilitating, catastrophic and permanent injuries that arise from negligent medical care can result in significant financial losses to the individuals involved. Thankfully, the law provides an injured person with the right to recover his or her damages from the responsible party.

Such damages include, but may not be limited to, medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses and other economic losses. Injured individuals are also entitled to recover for the pain and suffering caused by the injuries and treatment. The spouse of the injured person is often entitled to recover for the loss of services of his or her spouse. Although a monetary recovery can never repair the damage that is done, it can at least ease the financial burdens created by the collision.  

My Atlanta Medical Malpractice Law Firm handles many various types of medical malpractice cases, including, but not limited to:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer
  • Failure to diagnose a heart attack or stroke
  • Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis resulting in serious or fatal harm
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Birth injury claims
  • Failure to diagnose fetal distress
  • Cases of inappropriate sexual contact between licensed health care providers and vulnerable adults
  • Hospital malpractice/negligence claims
  • Nursing medication errors

My Atlanta Medical Malpractice Law Firm has extensive experience handling claims for all types of negligent medical care. As an experienced Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney, I will promptly and thoroughly investigate your case to assess damages and determine fault. 

Once hired, we will communicate with the proper parties on your behalf.  We will give them only the information they need to evaluate your claim and protect your privacy.  If the proper parties refuse to recognize the true value of your case, we will not hesitate to file suit and present your case before a jury so that you can be awarded the compensation you deserve.  

Medical malpractice actions are extremely complicated to pursue. The insurance companies and defense attorneys which handle the claims on behalf of the physicians and other medical professionals are very aggressive in defending claims. In addition, the physician generally must consent to any settlement. This means that these cases require lawsuits.

In the State of Georgia, a lawsuit generally cannot even be commenced unless the affidavit of a physician setting forth the negligence of the Defendant is attached to the originating complaint. Since many physicians will not give an affidavit against a fellow physician in the same city, a nationwide search for an expert to testify for the injured person is generally required.

Because of the complexity of medical malpractice actions, it is important that they be pursued as soon as possible after the negligent conduct. Medical records and bills have to be gathered and reviewed by the person handling the claim. After an expert witness is identified, he or she must review the records and confirm the existence of the negligent conduct. A lawsuit and affidavit for the expert must then be drafted and filed. Of course, these things take a great deal of time, energy and resources. It is important that a person who believes they have been the victim of medical malpractice have their case reviewed as soon as possible by a qualified attorney who can advise them whether they have a viable claim.

Since Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies have vast experience in evaluating negligent medical care, they often will pay the lowest compensation possible.  It is important to have an attorney on your side with considerable experience dealing with these Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies. It is always best to have an attorney who will not settle your case for anything less than its full value.  If the Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies are not being reasonable in their valuation of your case, you need an attorney who will fight for you, who will file a lawsuit, take your case to trail and prove why you deserve to be compensated.  Our law firm will do that for you.

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